Savannah Cat Colors

Savannah Cat Colors are meant to resemble it's ancestor the Serval Cat, accepted colors are brown, silver, black and smoke. The Serval Cat has a bright buttery golden basecoat with solid black spots. This golden color is a shade of brown spotted tabby and must be registered as a brown spottted tabby or BST.

  • Brown Spotted Tabby = Aguoti Cat (A-)
  • Silver Spotted Tabby = Aguoti Cat (A-) + Inhibitor gene
  • Black = Non-Aguoti Cat (AA)
  • Smoke = Non-Aguoti Cat (AA) + Inhibitor gene

Brown Spotted Tabby (BST)

Aguoti Cat (A-)

Silver Spotted Tabby (SST)

Aguoti Cat (A-) + Inhibitor gene

Inhibitor Gene

The Inhibitor gene eliminate the yellow pigment in the agouti hairs of the background color, but does not affect the non-agouti areas (the markings). The inhibitor gene may suppress all or little of the yellow pigment which results in some cat appearing a washed out brown color. This yellow pigment that shows through is referred to as "Tarnish" or "Tarnishing".

Nonstandard Colors

Nonstandard color are those not accepted by the TICA breed standard. This means they are color not desired. Such colors are typically recessive colors or dilute colors that stem from domestic heritage.

  • Cinnamon - Recessive
  • Chocolate - Recessive
  • Fawn - Dilute of cinnamon
  • Blue - Dilute of black
  • Lilac - Dilute of chocolate

Color Approval

All colors must go through the breed committee to be accepted by TICA to be shown as an "accepted color". Colors currently accepted are meant to resemble the ancestor the African Serval Cat. However by default some coloration must be, view the following example to learn how this applied.

  • Example #1: Smoke color (Black cat + Inhibitor Gene) was accepted due to accepting silver (Brown + Inhibitor Gene).

Each time a color is accepted breeders evaluate how genetically it will impact the breed. For instance when silver coloration was accepted that meant breeders where accepting the "inhibitor gene" which suppresses the brown color.

Picture : Inhibitor Gene Impact Diagram

Picture: Inhibitor Gene Impact Diagram

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