We highly recommend picking up your kitten in person. It is optimal for you to see the kitten prior to it leaving the breeder and for you to meet your breeder. We understand visiting from out of state may be inconvenient but it is worth the trip. As of 2017 it is against the law for a breeder to ship "sight unseen" via cargo if they are not a USDA licensed commercial facility. This is for the buyer's protection. By picking up in person you will know the cat is real, live and in good health.

International Shipping

We no longer offer shipping international. We feel it is in our cats best interest not to offer this option. We are friends with many long standing breeders around the world and can refer you to a reputable breeder nearby. Proper protocol should you try to ship international otherwise the cat can be legally collected then euthanized or detained indefinably.

  • Shipper must have import/export license.
  • Cat must be inspected by Fish & Wildlife day of departure (leaving or entering USA).
  • Cat must have USDA health certificate which must be approved by USDA.
  • Cat must have five generation certified TICA pedigree.
  • Cat must have TICA registration.
  • Cat must have all shots including rabies.
  • European countries require rabies titer.
  • F1,F2,F3,F4 require CITES paperwork (leaving or entering USA).

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