Savannah Cat Non-Standards

Non-standards are trait(s) that disqualify a cat from being shown and additionally have an "undesirable" trait within the said breed. These exist within all pedigree breeds. These cats can still be as valuable as a standard cat within a breeding program depending on what type of desired traits it posses verse non-desirable traits.

Should a Savannah Cat posses exceptional breed body confirmation but has a recessive non-standard pattern the cat can not be shown but can be within a breeding program. However non-standards should never be offered to or purchased by any new breeder, only a very experienced breeder should attempt using non-standards as they are likely to offer advanced breeding challenges.

Any breeder would prefer to keep the standard spotted coat but good judgment must be made on if the non-standard cat may be worthy of breeding.

Non-standard Savannah Cat Traits

  1. Cinnamion color
  2. Blue color
  3. Chocloate color
  4. Liliac color
  5. Orange color
  6. White toes
  7. White lockets of hair
  8. Blue eyes
  9. Marble pattern
  10. Servaline pattern
  11. Ticked pattern
  12. Long hair
  13. Curly hair
  14. Hairless

Expression Of White On Savannah Cats

White lockets and larger patches should not be present on a Savannah Cat and will result in penalty within the show ring but not disqualification. It is thought that white servals maybe the result of white being expressed on the coat as illustrated in the below diagram. Although this is possibly true it is also a known fact that such serval cats have never existed in the wild and have happened a few select times due to inbreeding in captivity.

Article: How is white expressed on a cats coat?

All the Serval Cats pictured below were produced by inbred bloodlines. The all white serval on the far right developed a tumor on his nose (thought to be due to the pink pigment on the nose) and it had to be removed.


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