Internet Scams

Scammers will shut down one website then open another!

You can easily identify and stop scammers.

TICA Registration

Scammers are quickly identifiable as not TICA registered. Verify your breeder is TICA registered by asking for their membership card, their voluntary code of ethics and website listing. All these items are easy to verify by call TICA.

Ask For A Video

Photos are easier to steal than videos. You can otherwise ask for a photo with your name in the picture.

Pick Up Your Kitten In Person

We additionally suggest picking your kitten up in person. When you pick-up in person you're ensuring your kitten and breeder are real prior to leaving.

Notice Scammers

Just to show how elaborate a website can be see the scammers below. Many websites are copy and pasted to different domain names. Scammers simply change domain names once they are identified. Breeders can not get all these domains taken down, you as a buyer need to prove these are legit breeders. These pictures are all STOLEN, this is why it is important to watermark photos. Please take note of these pictures as they are often used.

List Of Scammers

  • Loft Savannah Cats

  • Frontline Savannah Catas

  • Excellent Savannahs

  • Golden Savannahs

  • Mothers Care Savannah Cattery

  • Cheerful Savannah Cats

  • Baseline Savannah Cats

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